But brethren, Christ Jesus, God's eternal Son, came into this world, and was born of the virgin Mary, he lived a doleful life of misery, and at last he died a death accompanied by unutterable pangs—that was the punishment of the sins of those who, as penitents, come to Christ. I would to God I could cut the cords of my stammering tongue so as to address you with vehemence and passion upon this subject. Yea, my Master has given instructions to his Holy Spirit that if men will not come of themselves, he should compel them to come in that his house may be filled. This shows …, Eternal Life Within Present Grasp We are told by wise men that all languages are based upon figures, that the speech of men who are uncivilized is mainly composed of figures; and that indeed the language of the most … Sinner, the devil says you are shut out; tell him that "whosoever" shuts out none. There are some ministers who forget that their errand in the world is to lift up Christ. Oh, the death-pangs are upon him; see how death is twitching him! And if you cannot sing with some of the old experienced saints—, remember it is quite enough, if you can only sing—, And now poor soul I have almost done. Charles Haddon Spurgeon September 27, 1857 And how many now do the same? Hear an Indian warrior addressing the chiefs, and inflaming them for war; he gathers together all the metaphors of heaven and earth to make his speech. Note first that Jesus Christ was put on the cross on purpose for you to look at. See the lascivious debauchee after his brief day of pleasure has closed!—No, it is too loathsome for me to paint; my lips refuse to depict the miseries which our hospitals see every day; the awful loathsomeness, the accursed disease which eats up the very bones of those who indulge in sin. He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and they hide their faces from him because they cannot see how he is adapted for their cure. I see the harlot in all her guilt bemoaning her iniquity; she says it is impossible that Christ should save. Those who had been bitten had a great thirst; they drank incessantly, and still cried for water to quench the burnings within. They believe they can be pious when they like, which is a fallacy; and therefore they will postpone the matter as long as they may. If God sends a river, and sends it for us to drink of, will you disappoint him in not drinking? And instead of lifting it up before the vulgar crowd, I will initiate a proved few, so that they may understand about it. Well what will become of him? And you will note the same thing is true even in the names which the Indian warriors bear.   Be not afraid to try my Lord and Master. I know they hold that some doctrines of God's Word ought not to be preached—every day at least. My dear friend, when a common sinner tries, and it does not fail, it is some proof of its truthful ness: but you are an extraordinary sinner. Now I need not simply say that my Master's door is wide open for you; I will say something more: he has told me to ask you to come in. Our first figure represents MEN IN THE ESTATE OF SIN; and the figure is borrowed from the children of Israel in the wilderness, when they were invaded by the fiery serpents. Ah, so said some in the camp; they said it was only a brazen serpent, not a golden one, and how could a brazen serpent be of any use to them? Ah, dear friends, and Christ Jesus must be lifted up. Let each of us who are called to the solemn work of the ministry remember, that we are not called to lift up doctrine, or church … It was a hot fire which was lit in the fountain, and which ran through every nerve and every sinew of the man; they were racked in pain, and died in most fearful convulsions. Do you see him, as with his right hand he grasps the pole, and lifts it up, and marches with it through the camp like a great standard-bearer, pointing with his finger, and speaking with hand, and eye, and lip, and foot, and every part of the body, as he passionately bids poor bitten Israel to look?

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