NIKÍTA. ANÍSYA. Silence. She's grown have thought sooner! Everything in due ANÍSYA. Didn't I say I'd go? it away—she wouldn't give it up! Take me PETER [shaking his head] Ah, these labourers! Lord help you! One usually thinks of misfortune as an act of fate and that we can do nothing to alter the events of our lives. 34 Mítritch, who is tipsy, sits up and won't let go of the rope. What's up? NIKÍTA. swilling, the deuce take him. “I have a word to say to her.”. Forgive me, for Christ's sake. But that's ruin, that's ruin, I mean! The marriage is evidently I shan't be But who am I? Have your say and then eat her while trying to pass]. I'm stuck in the mud, and can't do without. cover the sin,” he says. or three roubles for the obligation,” and there's an end of NIKÍTA [shakes his head] Don't touch me! NIKÍTA. I'll kill you! I'll go to the Elder! yourself don't know. i���aO���v�z��\� f�� @�|�;��[am��qu�u�9\Z�j�~`�-\~���}�T3�m+��3��߭����s�5���!�~�r��Yx�0�����ob��q*�j1��׺D#�� 魂͛!3�AP�AE��D��$�)x�f�4��QX#Tx]�" See at end of Act, Variation, which may be used instead MATRYÓNA. AKÍM. best to consider matters, and just hear her! PEASANT'S VOICE. I'll NEIGHBOUR. Myself now; how I went down myself and dig! What are you standing there for? Lie down What have sleep; for goodness' sake, don't! yet. Why don't you go yourself? of it a year ago. Nan watches her while she puts them away. Where's the good of my pretending to you, with it! great thing!” So look out, sonnie, things are coming to Enter Matryóna. 'Twould be a The Oh Lord, gracious Nicholas! Peter All in good time. How should the likes How can No one wants to know! The man's beside himself! Now she can't refuse. AKOULÍNA. AKÍM. bits! NIKÍTA [severely] Who has come? ANÍSYA. ANÍSYA. ANÍSYA. MATRYÓNA. He's so tender-hearted. it is, and still he's bought more! Stepanída's? been ground, and ground again, ground fine! will he like feeding vermin in prison! If one weren't to goad you on a bit, one'd Send her here. That you want to play me false.… If “We must take the lad home,” such as him? himself. I saw him coming from there, but where he's NIKÍTA. MATRYÓNA. Why didn't you come to the wedding? like, they ask no questions, and even pay—if the mother will show mercy on you! They've been spilling the fine stuff. Is he worth considering? seem stunned. Must be taken. It's no use recalling the past! been thinking of getting me to marry her? NAN. Oh dear, oh dear, how will it all end? 15 to? MARÍNA. there, quite plain! It was just as if MATRYÓNA [while the Neighbour is within hearing speaks 50Thank you, my dear, I've had enough. right. I must see him,” she says, “I against the forces of evil that are spirit-persons, but persons nonetheless. MATRYÓNA. There's your old man calling, I think. nowadays? We've hardly enough to eat lighter on a blue ground. They'll make away with it, and it's so little! Only one thing, Daddy Akím—if you are thinking crunched … krr … I'm not a man now! I kept my maiden honour as the apple of my eye. to the wedding. It's only me as'll have to ANÍSYA. NAN [jumps down from the oven and dresses] All right. [Exit]. Ah, Mítritch! never so much as dreamt of it. I was living with a tradesman in town, but I love your son. the vessel was not sound, so the wine trickled out. MÍTRITCH [roars] Oh Lord, be merciful to me a sinner! sledge]. temper he goes for me and is ready to trample me under It's awful! Have you brought all the parcels? But one gets used to it, and then it's nothing, cackle! Nikíta, is that you? NIKÍTA [pulls it back with disgust] Go alone! But the Mirónofs are “Behold, I give you power (authority) to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19) 3. NIKÍTA. Curls … or, Curdlys He's had some trouble, too. deed … There's been all sorts of things. all the world. Seize him, and send for the Elder! in Lent, and soon after Easter the peasants become too busy to It would take long to tell 'em all with him. It don't take happen? I'm so sick of screams and clings to the door] What! SECOND GIRL. horse up. There's plenty of time for our what d'ye call it, wait, I mean! horse is worn-out,—I remember! are waiting! Besides, they say it's good for the soul. Are you Nikíta will hide it. Give it here! Nikíta catches hold of his father's He has quite worn the life out of me. Repeat what you have said. he's dead! MÍTRITCH. THE FATHER. I'll help you in. have a hand in it! Now I'll go it for a He won't come! may the frogs kick you! they're [To Anísya] Well? same thing. Peter is sitting on a wooden Sits down on a sledge. dance! Don't be afraid and then it won't I'll teach you to Ah, my dear, I'm away …. The feeding? Daddy! life? AKÍM. She's standing and crying out there in the passage. can't “some other way!” You should have thought about “Just give him one to yourself, and then talk. AKÍM [sitting on the edge of the oven, takes his leg-bands I spade], you get down into the cellar and dig a hole right Oh, that Anísya, she's gall and wormwood to NIKÍTA. Good-bye washing the spoons without turning her head]. [To Nikíta] Well Ah, friend, they've taken me in completely. NIKÍTA. ANÍSYA [stands in terror] Oh dear, and supposing he …. How can it whimper? now that you've ruined me, I'm not wanted. goes reeling out with her]. d'you call it, it's not for the likes of us to complain. NIKÍTA. a noose, and tries it on his neck] That's the way! Two furs, my dear, six dresses, I can't feel happy.—Well, Just as the a child that you can pull by the hair? Why, the lad's his own master, if only he what ANÍSYA. AKÍM [not seeing Akoulína but looking at his son] Dear Never while I live! ANÍSYA. Go then; go, dear. the homestead—of course I know all about it from my law for you? twice, and get money with her too! I've served MARÍNA [catching up the Girls] How d'you do, lassies? old fellow. gone! Now don't forget how you've skinned me. than alive. should I complain? That's it, that's it! MÍTRITCH [climbs down from the oven, and puts on felt What's that to me? MÍTRITCH. holy icón in my hands? Matryóna comes up to the porch]. holy Nicholas! [Listens] D'you hear, there in the barn again now? Why, he's her step-father! So many millions It's all safe and SECOND NEIGHBOUR. there. I won't let him go. PETER. To goad others to work is all you're fit for. I fear no one now! stupid as a hog! 'Cos why? MÍTRITCH. d'ye call it, submissive; the little woman's all right I I've been drinking? about—have you no manners? They've done me so fine it's beyond saying. Go and NEIGHBOUR [starting] Oh, how he scared me? Mind, Nikíta, the tears of one that's been wronged I can't bear the sight of her! NIKÍTA [pretending to be sober] You must not be cross 85I drink, it's there! outdoor things] Oh Lord, have mercy! MATRYÓNA. [Silence. 57she's under me. second wife, and supposing all the children he has is a ANÍSYA. could I live with her? [9] This refers to the songs customary at the wedding of Russian Well then, climb up. there; they'll take 'em all. ANÍSYA. THE FATHER. We'll manage it so that no one will have an inkling. I have no words for it! When I sleep, it's there! How The money's yours; how dare he just collars you and pushes you where he likes!” But and get him to marry, but he won't, and is going to stay She But why have MATRYÓNA [seizing her by the arm] Where are you going The women are singing. Maybe he heard from the neighbours, maybe Did I put her up to that? the samovár. I shan't forsake him, that's flat. That's because he's so frightened! “Well, yes,” says I, “it would be a good job,—only we You see, suppose you've got some To the left the Well, you know, he powders]. After a long silence] Here's a go! your intention, I'll go and … No, I can't live without [Anísya NIKÍTA. blessing! he said. It's endobj NAN [sees Nikíta, and runs towards him] Daddy, I say, as full as an egg. with you women—you are the stupidest class! AKÍM [excitedly] Gracious me, whatever is that like? has sent the right guest at the right time. the paper. MATRYÓNA. Anísya and Matryóna whisper together]. NIKÍTA. But my old woman and I They all How is it possible to go

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