Omni-AllOmnivoreOne that eats allAnimal that eats both plants and meat (i.e. Ovarioectomy vs. Ovariohysterectomy: Which Way to Spay? Rhin-, rhino-Denoting the noseRhinoscopyVisual exam of the nose Ovariohysterectomies are more commonly performed in the United States, since this is the technique that is taught in veterinary colleges here, while ovariectomies are much more common in Europe. Amphi-On both sidesAmphiarthrosisJoined on both sidesJoint which surfaces are connected by fibrocartilage (allows very little movement)   Meg-, mega-Great, largeSplenomegalyEnlarged spleen A medical condition in which the patient has an abnormally fast heartbeat. Iso-Equal, alikeIsometricEqual measureEqual measure Sero-Pertaining to serumSeromaSwelling of serum Xero-Denoting drynessXerodermaA mild form of ichthyosis, excessive dryness of the skin Gloss-, glosso-Relating to the tongueHypoglossalUnder the tongue In-Not, in, inside, withinIngestaMaterial withinMaterial taken into the body by mouth Hist-, histio-, histo-Relating to a tissueHistopathologyMicroscopic examination of tissue for disease (what you do to a biopsy) Pyloro-Relating to the pylorusPylorusThe distal aperture of the stomach or abomasums Pedia-, pedo-Denoting a child or youngPediatricsPertaining to the study of the young/child Fibro-Relating to fibersFibrosarcomaFiber cancerSarcoma made of fibrous tissue Basic word structure: Post-Behind, afterPostsurgicalAfter surgeryAfter surgery as in cats) -blastDesignates a cell or structureMyeloblastBone marrow cellImmature cell of the bone marrow Hepat-, hepatico-, hepato-Pertaining to the liverHepaticPertaining to the liverPertaining to the liver Cranial – pertaining to the head or cranium In veterinary medicine, one very common surgical procedure is the ovariohysterectomy, more commonly known as a “spay.” This procedure involves removing the ovaries and uterus down to the cervix to prevent a female pet from reproducing. Caudal – pertaining to the hind end or tail Extra-Outside of; in addition toExtra-labelOutside of the labelUse of a drug in a way or for a purpose not specified on the label -graphA writing, a recordElectrocardiographRecord of electrocardiogramThe record produced by electrical tracings of the heart This was confirmed in a review of the literature published in Veterinary Surgery in 2006 by Dr. Bart van Goethem and co-authors, who concluded that ovariectomy will not increase the chance of developing a pyometra compared to ovariohysterectomy. Ortho-Straight, rightOrthopedicPractice of correct function of the skeletal system Irido-Relating to a colored circleIridiodialysisSeparation or loosening of the iris from its attachments Celio-Denoting the abdomenCeliotomyIncision into the abdomen tachycardia. However, because it requires specialized training and instruments, fewer veterinarians may offer the laparoscopic spay. Lacto-Relating to milkAgalactiaNot producing milk Spasmo-Denoting a spasmSpasmodicPertaining to a spasm Morpho-Relating to formMorphologicPertaining to the shape of something MouthOral, os, stoma, stomat- Xantho-Denoting yellowXanthochromicYellow colored Apr 1, 2013 / Small Animal Surgery / Cats / Dogs. Aer-, aeroDenoting gasAerophagicCondition of gulping air, filling the stomach with air Crypt-To hide, a pitTonsilar cryptPocket of skin where the tonsils sit -iasisDenoting a condition or pathologic stateAtelectasisCondition of collapsed lungCollapsed or airless lung tissue An-No, notAnemiaWithout bloodDecreased number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) or the amount of hemoglobin in the erythrocytes Most medical terms can be deciphered by breaking them down to their roots: KidneyRenal, nephric, nephro- Transverse – separates body into front and back Spay This is the same as ovariohysterectomy Meningo-Denoting membranes, covering the brain and spinal cordMeningiomaTumor of the spinal membranes Exotic: An animal not native to the geographical area where it is living. Naso-Relating to the noseNasopharyngealPertaining to the area where the nose and pharynx meet 6-toed cats) Macr-, macro-Large, longMacrocyticLarge cells -aseForms the name of an enzymeAsparaginaseEnzymeEnzyme that catalyzes the deamination of asparagine Dorsal – pertaining to the back or top of the body, opposite of ventral Tarso-Relating to the flat of the footTarsalPertaining to the hind foot VaginaVulvo, vaginal Terminology frequently used to designate body parts of organs: Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Pilo-Relating to hairPiloerectionHair standing on end Pharyngo-Pertaining to the pharynxPharyngotomyIncision into the pharynx Jejuno-Pertaining to the jejunumJejunostomySurgically created an opening in the jejunum Laryngo-Pertaining to the larynxLaryngospasmSpasm of the larynxSpasmodic closure of the larynx (seen in cats) Sclero-Denoting hardnessSclerodermaHardened skin Gero-, geronto-Denoting old ageGeriatricPertaining to the aged For more information about ovariectomies, speak with your local veterinarian. -acPertaining toCardiacPertaining to the heartPertaining to the heart -esthesiaDenoting sensationAnesthesiaWithout sensationWithout sensation The most common word structures seen in veterinary practice are listed in the charts below: Terminology frequently used to designate body parts of organs: Planes and terms relative to the animal body: Mesial – in or near the middle of the dental arcade Frontal – plane that separates the body into top and bottom -celeDenoting a swellingSialoceleSwelling of the salivary glandSwelling of the salivary gland The incision made is extremely small, which may lead to a faster recovery for the patient. Estrogen: A female hormone produced by the ovaries, which results in the onset of estrus. According to Dr. Heidi Phillips, a surgeon at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana who specializes in urogenital and microsurgery, the traditional ovariohysterectomy is not the only way to safely sterilize a female pet.

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