I happily used the ctrl+[trick for months, but learning about remapping caps lock made Vim far more enjoyable to use. Don’t worry ! It is in the wiki history here. Following are some examples of settings to map the keyboard in different ways. Use to generate an escape sequence. In the 1250 tips imported from vim.org in July 2007, there were many tips and comments with advice (often conflicting) re Esc + Ctrl + CapsLock. From there you can choose either Make Caps an additional Esc or Caps Lock is also a Ctrl. When I first started using Vim, I searched for a better way to exit insert mode. Thanks for all of your kind help. Don't worry about humouring me (I just want to know you have seen my thoughts), so please just say want you want now. In KDE, go to System Settings | Hardware | Input Devices | Advanced | Caps Lock behavior. then change Caps Lock Key to Escape or Control option. These are some of the options you can pass to xkb-options in the Gnome examples above. If I knew that there was a technique for mapping keys using the registry, but I had forgotten it, I would use Google and would not expect to find it on a wiki about Vim. (Ctrl+CapsLock) was pressed. !xmodmap -e 'clear Lock' -e 'keycode 0x42 = Escape' au VimLeave * silent! Some tips were simply wrong, others obsolete (not applicable to Vim 7), many misguided, and most had contradictory advice (often a tip would have some script, and the comments would have several attempts by various people to correct bugs, or to improve the script). New -> AutoHotkey Script. and Bram decided that it was too hard to resurrect the tips. However, the vim.org system crashed with a database corruption (a year ago?) JohnBeckett 02:33, 3 August 2009 (UTC), --Fritzophrenic 15:04, 3 August 2009 (UTC). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Side note: If you are a vim user But I can’t use a CapsLock key as an Escape key in VSCode vim mode. Think about a reader who uses Vim on Windows, but isn't entirely happy with the keyboard layout. 2. Waiting for second key … I can’t input the Ctrl+CapsLock key to extension.vim_escape of “Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcut”. So, please review what I have said and let me know what you want to do. Hello, I like to use Vim in Windows. Map CapsLock as Escape (press CapsLock to generate Escape): Swap CapsLock and Esc (press Capslock to generate Escape; press Esc to generate CapsLock): Map LeftAlt as CapsLock, LeftCtrl as LeftAlt, and CapsLock as LeftCtrl (useful for some laptops): This section is for other Windows utilities relevant to mapping keys. All the information from your original tip 353 is on this talk page, and this page is referenced in "See also" in the tip. 1. For example, on my Ubuntu machine I have the following in ~/.Xmodmap:! The only information missing from the original tip 353 is this link which has been replaced with better information. The command-line version is a reliable option as well for Gnome desktops. in the background. As you say, the title still exists, but is a redirect to tip 75 (this tip). Technical details: Mention in the same section that one can also map other keys using the same method, such as the CTRL-CAPS swap being discussed. Just download and double-click. I'm just warning you that this discussion is also likely to be cleaned away. It's kind of ugly, but it's only two lines! Vim Tips Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. This is fairly simple to do on windows, except that you will need to install a software if you want something that won’t blow up. Is there some way to pull this off using the map or map! setting: You should now know how to rebind your CAPS LOCK key to either ESC For real. I would really just like to use the built in 'map' feature within vim or some other within vim feature. JohnBeckett 00:40, 1 August 2009 (UTC).

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