Weeping cherry trees make an unrivalled … No-Risk Guarantee. Description and illustration of each species. Paradise Tree Farm has been one of the leading retail and wholesale tree farms located in Seville, Ohio serving landscape contractors, wholesalers, retail garden centers, and municipalities for over 23 years. Weeping cherry trees are one of our best-selling ornamental varieties and for a very good reason too; these delightful trees have elegantly arching branches that are embellished with a mass of heavenly pink or white blossom. Hardiness. Weeping cherry trees are a popular ornamental tree grown widely for the well known pink. The Double Pink Weeping Cherry is 1 of the worlds favorite blossom trees, beautifully complementing any landscape. red to white blossom that appears in spring as well as the attractive pendulous foliage that follows. We pack them carefully to ensure they arrive safely. The Weeping Willow is the perfect fast-growing willow tree made famous for the long, elegant branches that seem to 'weep' from its crown. They are budded or grafted onto a straight stem, and the foliage on top will weep down to form an attractive specimen. This dwarf weeping tree grows fast but stays small, and its tidy, naturally manicured-looking outline makes it the perfect fit for formal areas of your landscape, such as by your front door, street-side, or near your pool or patio. Weeping trees are very popular and ornamental and come in a range of varieties. Native broadleaf and conifer woodland trees, shrubs and hedging plants, tree guards and accessories to buy online, from year-old saplings to feathered trees. White Weeping Cherry is a reliable flowerer, performing well every spring, unlike some flowering trees that flower well only every second or third year. We have over 60,000 trees in stock including Shade Trees, Ornamentals, and Evergreen Trees. Order with complete confidence. No garden is too large or too small for a Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry. This cherry blossom tree is ideal for landscapes desiring multi-seasonal beauty, as the leaves turn bright yellow in autumn and the weeping limbs draw much interest in the summertime. Weeping cherry trees are usually grafted specimens and are available in … We select and ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and trees.

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