refers to a list of things, et al. In this respect, “et al.” is a lot like “etc.” – etcetera, meaning “and the rest.” However, while etc. Learn more. It is typically used in the caption of court documents following the first named party, to signify that more than one individual is or may be involved on one side of the case, i.e., ABC Mortgage Company vs John Smith et al. Et al. There should always be a period after et al. See more. There are a number of different abbreviations after a doctor's name, and while it's unlikely that you will know them all, some are better known than others. Yes, but ret 2 also removes 2 bytes of parameters from the stack. Ret definition, to soak in water or expose to moisture, as flax or hemp, to facilitate the removal of the fiber from the woody tissue by partial rotting. Presumably, your function was called like: push some_parameter call Function At this point, a cdecl function - a "caller cleans up" function (Generally used by C) - would require add sp, 2 to "clean up the stack", removing the parameter. to show it is an abbreviation. After another 5 or 10 years, almost … is a Latin abbreviation for "and other persons". Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is a literary device in which established diegetic 'facts' in the plot of a fictional work are adjusted, ignored, or contradicted by a subsequently published work which breaks continuity with the former.. So, if you are wondering what those letters after your physical therapist's name mean, just ask. Esq. A doctor is considered one of the most prestigious and respected careers, whether the person is a medical or dental doctor or a doctor in one of the sciences. It is used when referring to a number of people, i.e., John Smith, et al. A Word From Verywell . definition: 1. written abbreviation for Esquire: a title added after a man's name on envelopes and official…. gcc will probably stop using rep ret in a few years, once K10 is thoroughly obsolete. Engaging in the healthcare system can be confusing with so many different doctors, nurses, and para-professionals working to help you live a healthy life. So most Linux binaries have a repz ret in them somewhere. gcc still uses rep ret by default (without -mtune=intel, or -march=haswell or something). refers exclusively to a list of people. In the physical therapy world, it can be difficult to know who is who. The defiance we saw in Mangaung and the blatant violation of the ANC constitution with some utterances, does mean that disciplinary action can and must be instituted against those members.

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