Vincent didn't always paint in the bright he's now so famous for. But Van Gogh’s paintings did not start out that way. So, how did he come to create his masterpiece? He painted sunflowers as no one before him had ever done. Nowadays Vincent van Gogh is known as the man who painted Sunflowers. Yellow sunflowers, yellow fields of grain, even the yellow moon in Starry Night . As late as 1885, roughly halfway through the short decad While in Paris, Van Gogh painted four still lifes of sunflowers: Four Withered Sunflowers, two pieces simply titled Sunflowers, and an oil study called Sunflowers Gone to Seed.Each piece depicts cut flowers resting on a floor or table, emphasizing the intricate detail of their heads and stems and enabling Van Gogh to experiment with color and stroke. When most people think of Van Gogh, the first color that comes to mind is a warm, radiant, golden yellow. Van Gogh painted his first series while living with his brother Theo in Paris between 1886 and 1888. The painter of Sunflowers. Two years later van Gogh died of a gunshot wound widely believed to have been self-inflicted, leaving behind more than 2,000 works—including, of course, his now-iconic sunflowers. During this time, van Gogh made many still life paintings featuring vivid floral arrangements and sunflowers regularly appeared in his work, but were employed as small details or motifs.

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