Christmas 2020

Pope Francis states in Fratelli Tutti (FT) #8, “Let us dream as a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all.”

Feast of St. Francis 2020

Second Letter to the Faithful: “Let us love God, therefore, and adore Him with a pure heart and a pure mind… And the Spirit of the Lord will rest upon all those men and women who have done and persevered in these things and [the Spirit] will make a home and dwelling place in them…” In these days of pandemic, Francis would say the same to us. Perhaps we can help our world turn the pandemic of disease into a worldwide venture into newness of life, a pandemia of love, justice and peace.

Do you affirm the postponement of the IFC-TOR General Assembly until May, 2022?

Looking ahead, we ask ourselves questions about the meaning of the international gathering in light of our Franciscan heritage and our charism of fraternity. We have not answered all these questions yet, however, we feel that it is in the best interests of all the members of IFC-TOR to postpone the 2021 General Assembly until May of 2022. With this letter we come to you for your affirmation of this proposal. We would also like to know your comments, questions and suggestions.

Letter to Membership: “I can’t breathe…“ Three words that have stunned onlookers, near and far. Three words that have echoed to every part of our world. Our times call us to a renewed covenant of peace in new relationships, new listening, new walking together.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Let the sisters and brothers always be mindful that they should desire one thing alone, namely, the Spirit of God at work within them. TORule #32 The Spirit of God…ruah…the breath of God… We are Franciscan Sisters and Brothers of the Third Order Regular who follow St. Francis, in whose unique way saw through everything false and divisive.

Letter About Propositum 2020 / Topic: Incarnation

Please send your contributions about INCARNATION for Propositum to Sr. Margherita Merlino, the General Secretary, at her email: by September 1, 2020. At our IFC-TOR Council meeting, we discussed your input from the General Assembly in May, 2017. You have indicated that you like the way Propositum is being done and we thank you for the contributions that have been made: in the past four years, 70 Sisters and Brothers have contributed an article to one of the ten issues. We are grateful for your sharing.