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  • Newsletter

    JPIC NewsBrief / December 2018 – USG-UISG Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

  • Newsletter

    JPIC NewsBrief / November 2018 – USG-UISG Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

  • Newsletter

    Weekly Summary 9-15 March 2018 – WCC / World Council of Churches

  • Newsletter

    Weekly Summary 9-15 February 2018 – WCC / World Council of Churches

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    Retrieving the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition Series

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    St. Bonaventure Heritage Series

  • Brochure / Certificate in Training for Franciscan Formation

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  • Brochure / Certificate in Franciscan Studies

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  • General Assembly 2017

    Logo presentation

  • Interreligious conference

    Religious leaders of many faiths in Assisi / Interreligious World Day of Prayer for Peace

    Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist religious leaders met this week in Assisi to discuss peace, while across the ocean in New York City global political leaders assembled at the United Nations also focused on a troubled world.

  • World Youth Day / Krakow

    Dear young Franciscans all over the world!

    Our Seraphic Brother Saint Francis showed himself to be a true lover of God’s mercy. Finding himself deeply loved by the “Father of Mercies” (Cf. 2 COR 1.3) while still in his youth, the poor man of Assisi allowed this virtue to embrace his life and become in him availability, movement and liberation. Francis himself manifested this dynamism when he writes in his Testament that the Lord led his heart so he could go among the lepers, giving and receiving mercy (Cf. Test 2-3).
    In this direction, inspired by St. Francis, we want to make a triple invitation to young people around the world, and so we invite you to participate in this upcoming World Youth Day.


  • Common Franciscan Initiative for the Environment

    The Church calls all Christians to be responsible stewards of the environment, and this is even more of a pressing demand for brothers and sisters of St. Francis. In this year when we observe the 35th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s naming of St. Francis of Assisi as patron of those who are concerned for the environment (November 29, 1979). Franciscans are asked to give special attention to our sister Mother Earth.

    For this occasion the International Franciscan Commission for Justice and Peace, also known as Roman 6 – representative of the three branches of the First Order, of the Secular Franciscan Order, of the Friars of the Third Order Regular and of the International Franciscan Conference of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular (IFC-TOR) – have prepared a reflection on the topic. Beginning on the World Day of Water, March 22, this reflection along with materials in diverse language for celebrating in prayer and ritual, can be found at the new website : http://www.francis35.org

  • The Franciscan supplement to the Roman Missal

    The Franciscan supplement to the Roman Missal is in the process of being assembled
    and we need a number from the Conference’s members or who will want a copy.

    To book your copy send an e-mail to: cdobson@franciscanstor.org

  • Feast of St. Francis / Pastoral Visit to Assisi of the Holy Father Pope Francis - 4th October

  • Franciscan presence in the WYD RIO

    Vocation Stand Franciscan
    Meeting Point
    Meeting with the Minister Generals

    (photo from: jmjfranciscanos.com)

  • World Youth Day / Rio

    The World Youth Day will take place in Rio.
    The CFF is hopeful that we will have a program as was done for Madrid,
    especially where the various communities may exhibit vocational materials.

  • General Assembly 2013

    Logo presentation

  • Celebrating The Spirit of Assisi - 25th anniversary

    It is with great pleasure that we write to you on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the historic day of prayer and fasting held in Assisi on October 27, 1986.

    Read letter from Conference of Franciscan Family

    Visit Spirit of Assisi website prepared by the Romans 6:

  • A Day of Prayer and Fasting / 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,
    The IFC-TOR invites all of you individually and in each fraternity to observe a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 in solidarity with Franciscans all over the world to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. May we further recommend that each Sister, Friar and/or Fraternity make an offering of the money saved on that day to Franciscans International to aid those most in need. See the attached announcement from Franciscans International.

  • Itinerant Schools / Franciscan Evangelical Life

    We report that there have been two, three-week itinerant schools. One in North India organized by Sr. Ceelia Mankuriyil and one in Kenya for East Africa organized by Sr. Pauline Mary Weisiko. The Council wishes to thank the two council members who organized these courses.