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This logo is a reminder of the General Assembly so that its message may not remain on paper alone, but enter into our lives.

At that Assembly of April/May 2001, we committed ourselves:

IFC-TOR Council Meeting

The IFC-TOR Council which met in December, reflected on the message and share their experience:

"The Message promul-gated at the General Assembly in April 2001 spoke of 'pilgrimage to the hearts of others.' The first meeting of the new IFC-TOR Council was a pilgrimage to the hearts of each one of the participants as we came to know each other, a pilgrimage through the process of the meeting and a pilgrimage to the Rieti valley, La Foresta and Greccio, on December 8, 2001.

Our meeting agenda focused on the Resolutions of the General Assembly and appointments for adjunct staff in the Spirit and Life Department and finance. We prayed, reflec-ted, dialogued, and played together. In the spirit of collaboration, invitations were extended to Fran-ciscans of the First Order to celebrate Liturgy with us. Father John Corriveau, O.F.M. Cap., Minister General of the Cappuchin Friars, was able to come and pray with us and stay to visit over dinner. Un-fortunately the other Ministers General were away from Rome at the time of our meeting. Emanuella DeNunzio, the Minister General of the Secular Franciscans, visited with us and spoke enthusiastically about our life as Third Order Franciscans. She empha-sized the wise use of our resources, both personal and material. Our world is changing and so is the response we must offer to help alleviate suffering. Above all, "what is essential is to promote and live the principles of the Franciscan life and the Franciscan spirituality." As the SFO's prepare for their General Chapter in November, 2002, they will be inviting a representative from the IFC-TOR to participate in their Round Table discussions. Eman-uella DeNunzio will be completing 12 years as Minister General of the SFO in November.

As a Council we spent considerable time reflecting on the Message from the General Assembly. Written prior to September 11, 2001, it has even more import today than in April. We are called to live authentically and say to others that our life as Franciscans is possible by our actions. We must address the issues at home first and then move out to others and other places. We must be on pilgrimage to the hearts of others. Our fratenal lives can influence the broken lives around us. We need to speak the language of the heart. And we invite all Franciscans everywhere to take the Message to heart and work for peace wherever your journey takes you.

We thanked and said farewell to Brother Samuel Kakkanattu, who has been the Treasurer for the IFC-TOR these past four years and welcomed Sister Santina, FMGB, as our new Treasurer. Sr. Celine Monteiro will continue as the Executive Secretary. Our next meeting is scheduled for July, 2002".

As we depart to return to our 'routine' in Rome, Brazil, India, Kenya or the United States, it seems to me that things will not be the same for us, because we have discovered a way of 'making that pilgrimage to each others' hearts" (cf. Message of the General Assembly) wherever we may be. This, it would appear, has become our life's Mission. This is the way to ceate a kinder world, a better world, for the world is created in the secret of the heart and that depends on what is blooming in the heart. Thus we are called to let bloom the best that is in our own hearts, now. For, as one of the celebrants of the Eucharist said to us in his homily: "the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift".

Of course, the General Assembly was not meant for the council alone, and we wish every one of our members that, reflecting on the Message of the Assembly, we may all realise our mission in this world, while making a pilgrimage to others' hearts.


Family News

News from the Franciscan Family of Kenya

The Franciscan Family of Kenya is indeed very active. They tell us about themselves:

What is our goal and reason for being together as the Franciscan Family of Kenya? To renew our deep Franciscan roots and spirituality:

To witness to reconciliation and unity in diversity:

To recognise and opt for the poor:

To develop our sense of Franciscan Family as all Franciscan members, not just leadership personnel:

Implement these orien-tations through:

Following this, the Franciscan Family of Kenya already conducted a First Course on Franciscan Spirituality for Franciscan Novices and a Workshop for Formators.

We congratulate the Franciscan Family for their project and wish them God's blessings and every success in their efforts.

The Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore finalized their merger with the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 4, 2001. The Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore were founded in Mill Hill (London), England, on July 12, 1868 and known as the Franciscan Sisters of Mill Hill. In 1881, four sisters were missioned to Baltimore, Maryland, to work with the African-Americans in a school and orphanage. In 1982, the sisters in Baltimore separated from Mill Hill. In 1995, they began the discernment about merging with another congregation. The sisters at the time of merger numbered 44. The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi were founded in Milwaukee in 1849 by a group of six women from Ettenbeuren in Bavaria, Germany. The two congregations met in 1997 during the Franciscan Federation Conference in Rochester, New York. After hearing about the Baltimore Sisters desire to merge with another congregation, the leadership of the Sisters in Milwaukee invited them to consider merging with them. In March 1999, the sisters in Baltimore formally requested merger with the sisters in Milwaukee. Two years of preparation for the merger followed. The merger ritual in October finalized the formal merger process and began the work of being one community. The sisters recognize very clearly what a grace filled experience the process is of working toward and living into merger.


Changes in the IFC-TOR Directory

No. 103 (pg. 23): The telephone number of the "Franciscanas Misioneras de la Natividad de N.S. has been changed to: +34/ while that of the Superior general is: +34/

No. 129 (pg. 28). The Congregation of "Francis-caines Réparatrices de Jésus-Hostie" has a new superior general in the person of Sr. Marie Simone de la Croix (Boulanger).

No. 335 (pg. 70): Sr. Marie Goretti Mannix, has an e-mail address now:

No. 348 (pg. 73): Sr. Marion Kikukawa informs us that her e-mail address is changed to: while that of the house is:


We wish to thank all those who sent us greetings for Christmas. You were all remembered in prayer in a special way and now we wish you a blessed and grace-filled New Year 2002.

With the new year, for us here in Rome (with the rest of the European comm-unity), we also welcomed the new currency, the EURO! Its purpose is to bring about greater harmony solidarity, collab-oration peace within the European community and we pray that it may achieve its aim.