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"God comes to him (her) who journeys.Only if we are untiring pilgrims, straining for the future, will our everyday life be possible to live as a perennial Easter of resurrection, as a passage towards a new life reborn in Christ by the Spirit. We ourselves will become hope, generators of new shoots of fresh life, resolutely transforming right now our existence and the world we inhabit." (Fr. Giacomo Bini, o.f.m., Minister General).

Is not the world greatly in need of hope at this moment? Let us then be (become) people of HOPE especially for those who are without hope.

The Lord is truly risen, alleluia!


Home Page

The IFC-TOR now has a website. We are very grateful to Sr. Alesa of the "Suore Scholastiche Francescane di Cristo Re" who has been working in our secretariat for the past few days, installing a website for the Conference. We are grateful to her for having given us so much of her time, and we are also grateful to the organisation for which she works in Slovenia for having allowed us to use their server. Sr. Alesa works for the Church in Slovenia for all that concerns computer technology and Communications.
Please do visit us now at:
Hereafter we will send you Tau-Info through our website and you may read it, download it, print it as you wish. However, we shall continue sending Tau-Info by mail to those who do not have access to Internet.
We welcome any suggestions you may have with regard to this new method of communication.


Sister Marie-Benoît met in our office with Sr. Madge Karecki (who had given us the Opening Talk at the General Assembly of 2001) to plan another method of conducting the Itinerant School.. With them we have planned an Assisi Experience of 12 days and we hope many of our English-speaking formators will be able to benefit by this opportunity.

Family News

Those of you who were present at the General Assembly of 2001 will remember Sister Inigo who gave us an enriching and inspiring talk on "The Social Aspects of the Incarnation". Sister will soon finish her term of office as superior general and writes now: "This is just to let you know that I will be laying down my office as superior general in May 2002. The Lord has wonderfully led me during the past twelve years and has made use of me for His mission both in our country and internationally. Our General Chapter will be held in two phases: I Phase: April 25th to 30th, 2002; II Phase: May 20th to 30th, 2002. May I request you to keep our Congregation in your prayers so that the forthcoming General Chapter will open a new chapter in the annals of our Congregation's history? As religious life is going through a profound transition, we do not yet know what shape it will take in the years to come. As leaders today, we need to be creative thinkers and pioneers to refound our Congregations to respond to society in a meaningful way. Pray that our delegates will be open to the Spirit and take radical decisions.
"We have launched a website for our Congregation, giving information about our identity, vision, the challenges we face in today's society, our response to them through various revitalised and new ministries relevant to the signs of the times and our spirituality today. I have also given an article there on the theme of the Chapter: "Daring and caring women of the 21st century". I have announced the dates of our Chapter there. May I request you to bring this to the notice of Tau-Info readers by publishing it in the newsletter? Please visit us at:".

I am sure all of you will remember Sister Inigo and her intentions in your prayers. We wish her Congregation (the Sisters of St Anne) a successful and fruitful Chapter.


The "Franziskanerinnen v. Vöclabruck: tell us that on 2nd February 2002, the day of Consecrated Life, they had the celebration of missioning of two sisters. They went to Feber in Kazhakstan, in the diocese of Astana, in the area of Tonkoschurowka to share the life of the people. Already in 1995, they made a beginning in Eastern Europe when two sisters went to the area of North Kazhakstan in the Steppes (desert) to the Wolgadeutschen, a group of German people who lived in Russia. In the meantime a school, a Kindergarten and a mobile dispensary were started. They ask for our prayers for Srs. Johanna Pobitzas and Elfriede Mösender in this new venture. Their address is Cebero-Kacaxtanckaja Oblact, Jesilski Raion, GUS 643219 C. TONKOSCHUROWKA, ul. Mira 18.


The "Terciarias Misioneras Franciscanas" of Argentina share with us the joyful news of the Beatification of their Foundress, Mother María del Transito, to take place in Rome on 14th April 2002. We rejoice with them and wish them a wonderful celebration for the event. Do remember them on that great day for the congregation.


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At that Assembly of April/May 2001, we committed ourselves: