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Vol. 14 - No. 3 - July








Praise be to you, my Lord, For our Sister, Mother EARTH

The Office of Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation of the Friars Minor in Rome, received an award called the 'Drop of Gold' in recognition of their efforts in the sphere of Ecology.

This award was not merely an honour, but rather an impetus to work for the preservation of our Sister, Mother Earth, and all of us, as Franciscans, are invited to collaborate in this, for Francis not only appreciated God's creation but also respected it. PEACE is so closely linked with CREATION, for the use of arms is not only destroying human persons but is also ruining the earth, the atmosphere.

International Day of Peace

Franciscans International joins other founding participants in launching a 24-hour International Day of Peace Vigil to be held September 21st.

Last year, the United Nations unanimously passed a resolution designating Sep-tember 21st of each year as an "International Day of Peace," asking the entire world to observe a full day of "global ceasefire and nonviolence" and to work towards strengthening peace and alleviating tensions and conflict within the global community.

As a founding participant of the International Day of Peace Vigil, Franciscans Inter-national urges all Franciscans to observe this occasion. Last fall, FI invited Franciscans around the world to reflect on their experiences of terrorism and on a Franciscan response. In response to the increasing global conflict, FI now invites you to join this worldwide vigil for PEACE. Franciscan participation in this vigil, with our strong heritage of peacemaking, will be part of our contribution to replacing a culture of terror with a culture of peace.

We have time to prepare for meaningful participation in this important event. Together we CAN and DO make a Franciscan Difference in the world! When your plans are made, please let us know the basic details. We want to post them on our website to share with others and give witness to the many ways we can build a culture of peace. If you have a gift for creating prayer services or prayers for such occasions, again, please send them to us, and we will post as many as we can on our website as resources to share with others.


News from National Federations


The Franciscan Federation of the United States: For the past two years a Task Force of the Federation has been exploring ways to offer education and support to both large and small Franciscan congre-gations in the US regarding Reconfiguration. On Sat-urday, April 27, 2002 twenty-six sisters representing sixteen congregations, gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a workshop on Reconfigur-ation.

Short presentations were given by members of the Task Force on the Franciscan Context of Reconfiguration and Input on Ways/Types pf Reconfiguration. A panel presentation was made by sisters with experience in the various stages of recon-figuration: the process of three congregations working to-wards a Union, the prespective of two congre-gations engaged in the process of Merger, the perspective of completing of Merger, experi-ence as a facilitator of a congregation that merged. After the intial presentations, time was given for questions and comments from the audience.

The workshop served to stimulate good discussion on both the philosophiocal and practical aspects of Recon-figuration. It was generally felt that everyone present left at the end of the day encouraged and with a greater sense of courage looking at the future.

Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Franciscan Family in ex-Yugoslavia met together as one organisation. When Yugoslavia was broken up and several States were created, the Church and institutions within the Church were re-organised: thus, a Bishops' Conference was formed in each State, but the Franciscan Family was organised according to the languages spoken in the new countries. "Franciscan Conference" in Slovenia and "Council of the Franciscan Family" which includes all the Franciscan famillies in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina and also the Secular Franciscan Order and FRAMA ( Franciscan Youth). The Sisters of the Third Order in Montenegro also form part of this group.

The last war devastated the countries mentioned and brought new challenges to the Franciscan family which called for urgent and difficult responses.: during the war, one had to be close to the thousands of people who were persecuted or exiled, families that were dispersed or wounded by the loss of family members, etc. Friars and Sisters helped them, bringing material things, accompanying them in their exile and raising their voices to the powerful ones of this world for human rights; and this, not only for Catholics but for all those who were suffering and threatened. Some Franciscans even paid with their own lives through this commitment.

Today, the Franciscan family is making great efforts to face the consequences of the war: material poverty of the people, lack of necessities for life, problems of hatred between ethnic groups - so many wounds inflicted on both people and nature; to finding the right path to pardon, promoting inter-religious dialogue and giving hope to the many who are in despair. All this is bring done through Franciscan organis-ations, common to the whole family as also through indi-vidual Franciscan families.

While we still heard "the drums of war" the "Institute for the promotion of peace and initegrity of creation" was born.

This institute has the following concerns:

Franciscan brothers and sisters in these countries are so aware that it is necessary to continue on this path because the commimtnet to peace is inseparable from the spirit of Saint Francis. In the region, often torn by so much bloody violence, in the region where people of diverse nations, religions and culture must live together in interrelgiious dialogue depends the future of generations to come.

Family News


The Superior General of the Malabar Missionary Brothers (India), Bro. G. Victor Kalampukatt writes: "With immense joy and profound gratitude, we wish to inform you that the 'Golden Jubilee' of the canonical erection of our Congregation and our founder members is scheduled to be celebrated on Saturday, 5th October 2002. The perpetual religious commit-ment of our fifteen junior Brothers will be solemnised on the preceding day". Let us remember them, too, in our prayer.

On 7th July, the Congregation of the "Irmãs Franciscanas do Coração de Maria" (Brazil) will celebrate 150 years of the birth of their foundress, presenting her as a "protag-onist of a new era". This will certainly reach you after the actual date, but we can still celebrate in thanking God for the foundress as well as the Congregation which she founded.


General Chapters



We pray for the new as well as the re-elected leaders as they begin or continue their service for the congregation.


Change of Generalate House

The "Suore Terziarie di San Francesco" have shifted their generalate house to Rome. Their new address is:
Via Giovanni d. Croce, 33
00166 ROMA.

This logo is a reminder of the General Assembly so that its message may not remain on paper but be impregnated in our lives. In April/May 2001, at this Assembly, we committed ourselves: