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Next year we will celebrate the 750th anniversary of the death of Saint Clare. For this occasion, Fr. Giacomo Bini, Minister General of the Friars Minor writes: "Our life today truly needs to recover its daring, its 'exaggeration', the unbounded generosity that flows from the delight of having found the 'treasure' and turns head over heels - but in a wonderfully positive way - the 'take' we had on life. We need, in short, the hope that will not let us down'(Rm 5:5)" (Fr. Giacomo Bini: Clare of Assisi, A Song of Praise", 11th August 2002).


News of the Conference

We are indeed trying to rediscover this 'daring, this exaggeration' by going back to our sources, the Rule of the Third Order Regular and the spirit of Francis. To this end, we organised the Assisi Experience from 1st to 12th July, with 15 participants, as was fore-seen, of 10 nationalities and eight different Franciscan congregations.

Photo 1: The whole group with Sr. Madge Karecki,
Sr. Marie-Benoît Lucbernet and Sr. Mary Ellen McAleese

We set out from Rome and spent our first day in Fonte Colombo, then on to Greccio for the night and the following day. There was just one friar present in the house and he very fraternally prepared a meal for us and shared it with us in the community dining room. That evening we reached Assisi and lodged with the Benedictine sisters for the rest of our stay.

Each day took us to a different Franciscan sanc-tuary: San Rufino, San Damiano, the Portiuncula, Rivo Torto, the Carcere, Santa Chiara and San Francesco. We also dis-covered Rufinuccio which is the place where Francis cared for the lepers. The Franciscan Missionaries of Susa who occupy the house and welcome youth groups were very welcoming to us, too, in spite of our having 'imposed' ourselves on them without previous notice. We were very touched by their Franciscan hospitality.



Photo 2: Listening attentively

All the participants were very enriched by the experience and wish that it be continued. Hence, the council has decided that we will have two such sessions next year: one in the last fortnight of May for French-speaking formators and the other in the first fortnight of September for English-speaking sisters.

We hope to have a session in 2004 for Spanish-speaking sisters. Dates and other information will be sent to you later.

The session is meant exclusively for TOR Franciscan formators - men and women - and they should have reasonable health and good walking ability as the past group would tell you!

The experience is limited to 15 participants; it is not possible to take a bigger group for many practical reasons. So you may already foresee which sisters you will send either for the Frnech or the English session next year.

As Sister Carola mentioned in her last circular, there will also be two Itinerant Schools next year, one in Brazil in January and the other in Croatia in June. Srs. Terezinha Sotopietra (coun-cillor) and Sr. Natalija Palac (Vice-President of the IFC-TOR) will send you circulars to their respective regions concerning the place, language(s), cost, etc.

Family News

General Chapters

In the last issue of Tau-Info we asked for prayers for the General Chapter of the "Congregaçao das Irmas Franciscanas de N.S. do Amparo". Now they share with us: "The XVIII General Chapter was a moment of grace and renewal of Franciscan Religious Life of Amparo. We felt the vivifying presence of the Holy Spirit enlightening us at every moment: study, reflection, evaluation of our prayer life, community life and mission.

"On the 16th July, in the light of the Word of God, we celebratred the memory of our founder, Father Joao Francisco de Siquiera Andrade and that same day, we had the grace of electing a new General Adminis-tration for the comiing six years. (Sister Justiniana Vicente de Cravalho has been elected superior general in place of Sr. M. Terezinha Vieira).

"We are grateful to all for their solidarity, prayer and messages received for the work of the Chapter members.

"In thanksgiving, we continue to ask God and O.L. of Amparo that this moment of renewal may be engraved in our hearts to bring forth fruit for the Church".

We had already printed the previous Tau-Info when we received information about the General Chapter of the Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother. Their Chapter was held in August on the theme "Touching our World", urging them in Jesus' name to be faithful to their call and to share the Good News wherever they are or wherever they are called to go.

We are sure they had a good chapter under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and pray now that they may live their orientations.

"We began on 11th July with the Eucharist cele-brated by the Bishop of Cádiz - Don Antonio Ce-ballos Atienza who encou-raged all the chapter mem-bers to be open to the Spirit and to live the charac-teristics of the charism.

"The assemblies were presided over by the Superior General, Sr.Maria Silvarrey Redondo, with 40 sisters representing the whole Institute, among them being the delegates of the Peru Missions.

"During these days, the various coordinators pre-sented the apostolic works and these were reflected on by partricular documents of the Institute and the Church such as Vita Consecrata, Fraternal Life in Com-munity and the recent Instruction of the Congre-gation for Institutes of Consecared Life: 'Starting Afresh with Christ'.

"The Foundress, Mother M. de la Encarnación Carrasco Tenorio was born in Puebla de Guzman on 24th March 1840. She entered the "Compania de María in San Fernando (Cádiz). She lived happily there for several years but in her heart she felt the growing desire to look after poor, orphan and needy children. She fell sick and during one of her feveres she dreamed she was in a beautiful courtyard where a Lady invited her to sit beside her surrounded by children receiving her caresses, and said to her: 'This is my flock which I am confiding to you to care for; shelter them and guide them well'. Urged by the Spirit and helped by the Bishop of Cádiz, Fray Felix Ma Arriete y Llanos O.F.M.Cap., she left her beloved Convent and was integrated into her family in Cádiz.

"Don Francisco de Asís Medina and Munoz Canónigo de la Santa Iglesia Catedral de Cádiz directed "Mary Mother of the Good Shepherd" Schools in answer to a need of a group of children who lacked formation and Chris-tian values, while Protes-tants opened schools and attracted the children with gifts. Ma de la Encarnación Carrasco Tenorio joined his collaborators who excelled in welcoming and helping those needy children. For two years they continued this activity in different districts. They decided to form a community and, giuided by Father Medina, they took the religious habit on the 4th October 1878 in the Capuchin church of Cádiz. Mother Encarnación believed that God was the author of this work and she an instrument who respon-ded generously to her call.

Charismatic Principles:

"Her constant eagerness to follow Christ in poverty, humility and service to all was achieved by Mother Encarnación living in the manner of Francis of Assisi.

Actually, the Sisters wish to make her spirit alive in 13 communities in Spain and three in Peru, through all-round training of children, youth, adults, elderly, sick, single mothers, ill-treated women and imigrants today as yesterday, embracing all those whom the merciful love of the Father sends them.

Planning for the future

The theme - basis for the lines of action of the com-ing six years: 'Humanise through the charism' descri-bing the mercy and love of God and of people, placing ne's heart in the heart of misery, in the concrete reality of our society, discovering in all the face of Jesus who is identified with the little ones and the marginalised. 'What you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me' (Mt. 25,40).

"Conscious of our littleness, we welcome God's Word and impelled by the Spirit we wish to go forward in hope after the example of Jesus the Good Shepherd, to be close to those who suffer in order to alleviate their pain thus making it possible for the Kingdom of God to be built among people in this new millennium".

We wish them all the graces they need to carry out the responsibility confided to them. May the Spirit be their Light and Guide.


This logo is a reminder of the General Assembly so that its message may not remain on paper but be impregnated in our lives. In April/May 2001, at this Assembly, we committed ourselves: