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Vol. 16 - No. 4 - December








"The Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us."

A very happy feast of Saint Francis to all!

This issue of Tau-Info will be a very short one, but we wish to share with you whatever family news we have received from our members, before it gets too old.



An Adventure

In our last issue, we gave you 'An Adventure' of seven congregations in the process of forming one. The Sisters of Montpellier wish to give this supplementary explanation: "In the preceding number of Tau-Info we shared with you a process that was followed by seven Franciscan Congregations who questioned themselves on the prophetic dimension of the Rule of 1982 and of the possibility of founding a new Franciscan Congregation together. This project was submitted to the Holy See for approval. Once the approval is received, we will share this journey of faith with the International Fran-ciscan Conference".

We wish the seven congregations every grace and blessing on their 'adventure' and pray that the approval will not be long in coming. We then await your sharing with joy and expectation.


Gold Medal

The Sisters "Hermanas Terciarias del Rebaño de María" in Spain have been awarded a gold medal from the City of Cádiz. On that occasion, the honourable Mayor of Cádiz addressed these words to the Congregation:

"The Poverello of Assisi proclaimed 'Peace and all Good'.
"And precisely on the 4th October, feast of St Francis of Assisi, in the year 1878, this Institute of Sisters, Terciarias Franciscanas del Rebaño de María, was founded by Mother María de la Encarnación Carrasco Tenorio, assisted by Fr. Francisco de Asís Medina Muñoz who was a canon of our cathedral church at the time.

From that day till today, generations of children and young people, under the inspiration of the Virgin Mary invoked by the Foundress of the Institute under the title of Good Shepherdess, were cared for in Mary's flock and progressed towards a good future.

Created to instruct children who lacked economic possi- bilities, or were orphaned because their parents became invalids, the aim was fulfilled by giving a good foundation to their Catholic faith and the all round formation of women.

The sisters Terciarias Franciscanas never finish their work when the bell rings at the end of class hours, but with great zeal and in solidarity, once their educative task with the young pupils is over, they continue with the formation of adult women, even finding time to dedicate to the sick and the aged.

Aware that it is only through education that persons can become free, they strive to raise this section of society.

Today, through the length and breadth of the world, they maintain houses for hospitality or open colleges and schools to all classes of pupils to impart a formation that is impregnated with the Chris-tian faith in solidarity with civil society.

Today, over the length and breadth of the world, the sisters Terciarias Francis-canas del Rebaño de María go ahead untiringly paying attention to women especially those with problems and to children who are abandoned.

For these first 120 years of their foundation they have made our city a point of reference through their work, and for this, they deserve to be in the golden category."


We thank the sisters Terciarias Franciscans del Rebaño de María for their charism and the good work they are doing for God's Kingdom and for society and pray God's blessings on them for many years to come.

Change of Leadership

As usual, several congregations held their General Chapters during the suimer months, and elected their general administration:

The Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Nº 333, pg. 67 in the Directory) re-elected Sr. Elizabeth Imler as their General Com-munity Leader.

The Soeurs de Saint-François d'Assise (Nº 125, pg. 27 in the Directory) re-elected Sr. Marie Parguel as their superior general during their chapter that was celebrated from 3rd to 13th July 2004.

The "Franciscaines du Règne de Jésus-Christ" (Nº 005, pg. 6 in the Directory), held their general chapter from 14th to 25th July 2004 and elected Sister Monique Thirion as their new superior general, replacing Sr. Marie-Madeleine Dufey who was on the previous council of the IFC-TOR. Sr. Monique was the secretary of the last General Assembly and now Sr. Marie-Madeleine has very gene-rously volunteered to render this service for the next General Assembly.

Finally, you have the good news that we have extended the date limit for registration for the General Assembly, since we still have some places left. You now have til the 31st December 2004, in case you have not already registered.


We thank all those who contributed to creating a design for the logo of the General Assembly. The hall will be well decorated with so many artistic contributions!