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The Trinity,
Source of our Mission of Peace as Franciscans







The Tsunami

The whole world was awed and saddened by the destruction caused by the tsunami in December 2004 just after Christmas.

In India, on the south-west coast in particular, the Association of the Francis-can Families, India, got to-gether to coordinate their efforts to bring relief - material, spiritual, psycho-logical - to the victims of the disaster.

Photo: (left) Complete destruction of monuments



Photo: (right) saddened by the loss of family members

A special session of Franciscans International, India, (an NGO at the UN) was held in January and proposed among other things:
- Immediate training camps for trauma counselling
- focusing on human rights, facilitating moni-toring the just distri-bution of aid and re-sources by the govern-ment
- helping out in the formation of self-help groups among the victims
- ensuring the recovery of documents such as ration cards, bank passbooks, land owner-ship papers, passports, etc.

Poor Clares and others who cannot reach out in the above-mentioned ways, can be encouraged to support others by liturgies and prayers with special attention for interreligious prayers.

The following were identified as areas of involvement as Franciscans:
+ conflict resolution
+ psycho-social care
+ building temporary sheds
+ special homes for affected children


Photo: (right) "The tsunami has wiped away our dreams"

+ creating funds
+ networking with different groups
+ taking into account all regions affected by the tsunami
+ long-term relief
+ operating without discrimination

Each Franciscan Congregation is expected to spare its personnel to serve in a particular zone along with other Franciscan families.

Thus there will be a special Franciscan touch to this relief work in India and we pray that Saint Francis may assist our Franciscan Brothers and Sisters to go out to the poor and suffering in their affliction and bring them the love and Jesus.


From the TOR Family Life in Croatia

Sebenico: The Process of Beatification and Canonisation of the Servant of God Mother Klara Zizic, Foundress of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate has been initiated

The Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate initiated the process of beatification and canonisation of the foun-dress, the Servant of God, Mother Klara Zizic, who died in the odour of sanctity. The decisive role for undertaking this "holy work" which is very binding which overwhelms us, falls to the postulator of this Cause and the consultant of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Fr. Atanazije Matanic, O.F.M. Based on the results of the historical research that has been done in these latter years in the Congregation of the Sisters, he sent the bishop of Sebenico the request to initiate the canonical pro-cess in the diocese in which Mother Klara died and was buried. The bishop cor-dially supported these steps and forwarded the request to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for the approval of the diocesan process.

On the 21st September, feast of St. Matthew, the 298th anniversary of Mother Klara Zizic's death, in the Cathedral of St. James, the bishop of Sebenico, Mgr. Ante Ivas, in the presence of numerous Religious, priests and faithful, solemnly and publicly opened the canonical diocesan process for the beatification of the Servant of God.

Being part of the big Franciscan family, we recommend to all Franciscan communities to support this important initiative with their prayers.

Sr. Terezija Zemljic



Meeting of the TOR Communities of Zagreb

The communities that follow the Rule of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis came together in Zagreb. This was the third such meeting in the last three years.

On Saturday, 6th November 2004, at 3 p.m. 70 members of Franciscan communities came together in Zagreb in the convent of Jordanovac, of which were 55 of the Franciscan Scholastic Sisters of the province of Split to celebrate their centenary.

Having made acquaintance with one another and having shared what was brought by various communities, we met in the Convent hall which was filled to overflowing. First of all, Fr. Zvonimir Brusac, TOR, greeted the members of the Council of the Franciscan community in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the members present from the Franciscan communities, then announced the programme that was prepared by the Franciscan Scholastic Sisters. In fact, for this occasion they came from Split with the intention of creating a festal atmosphere that they achieved on the 15th October at Split commemorating a hundred years of the arrival of their sisters from Maribor (Slovenia) to Split (Croatia). Through dialogue, song and pictures, the sisters presented the life of the province from the arrival of the sisters in 1904 till today. "Choose life" was the basic idea, the red thread woven through the whole recital and under-lining the presentation of the history of this province.

At the end of the programme, we went to the convent chapel, where we participated in the Eucha-ristic celebration in the paleoslav language, pre-sided over by fra Petar Grubisic, provincial superior of the TOR friars who, through the centuries, have preserved the liturgy in the paleoslav language.

As we are celebrating the Year of the Eucharist this year, Fr. Petar referred to the TOR Rule, Art. 12: "They should take part in the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and receive his Body and Blood with great humility and reverence, recalling the words of the Lord: Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life.

They must show all reverence and honour, as much as they are able, for the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and for his most holy name and written words. In him all things in heaven and on earth have been brought to peace and reconciled with Almighty God."

After Mass, the meeting ended with refreshments prepared by the sisters who had welcomed us. With feelings of joy for ever greater union in this Fran-ciscan branch, we returned to our religious houses, full of evangelical enthusiasm, deeply aware of the unity and earnestness for the new Joy in this specific way of the Third Franciscan Order.

Sr. Branimira B.

Family News

The Sisters, "Franciscanas de Nossa Senhora do Amparo", celebrated the first centenary of their Congregation on the 8th December 2004 in Jacareí, Brazil, the birthpace of their founders, Fr. Siqueira and Sr. Francisca Pia. On that day, they commemorated the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, 100 years of their Congregation and 140 years of Fr. Siqueira's ordination. They continue their celebration through the year 2005, with a thanksgiving Mass on the 19th March, the opening of the regional postulation for the Cause of Fr. Siqueira on the 27th March, another thanksgiving Mass on the 17th April with the opening of a new community, and a regional assembly in November.

We rejoice with the Sisters of Nossa Senhora do Amparo and wish them God's blessings in abundance for the years to come.


New Leadership

Several congregations have held their General Chapters recently and have elected a new general administration.

The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor (Nº. 315, p. 66 in the Directory) elected Sr. Tiziana Merletti as their Congregational Minister replacing Sr. Jeanne M. Glisky.

The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (Nº 352, p. 73 in the Directory) elected Sr. Veronica Lee in place of Sr. Corona Chung as Coordinator General.

Sr. María Julia Apesteguía Mariezcurrena was elected superior general of the "Hermanas Terciarias Capuchinas de la Sagrada Familia", (Nº 213, p. 45 in the Directory) replacing Sr. Ligia Elena Llano Jimenez.

The Franciscan Sisters of Saint Joseph in Kenya held their chapter more recently and elected Sr. Pauline Mary Weisiko as superior general, replacing Sr. Dorothy Akoth who is a councillor of the IFC-TOR till the next General Assembly in May.

We thank God for choosing them for His work in their respective congregations and ask Him to accompany them in their responsibility.


Our Cover Picture

The logo on our cover page has been designed by Bro. Anthony-Joseph Dusza of the Little Brothers of Saint Francis.

It has been chosen as the official logo of the General Assembly, because of its simplicity and facility for being printed.

However, we have more than 20 other contributions from our members who, with great creativity, produced artistic presentations of the theme. These will garnish the Assembly Hall.

Those who will not be participating in the Assembly are asked to pray that all may listen to what the Spirit will have to say to the participants and be able to outline options for us, Franciscans of the Third Order Regular for the coming years.


This will be the last number of Tau-Info before the General Assembly. The new secretary, Bro. Dominic Quigley, will take over the responsibility for it after the Assembly, together with all the other respon-sibilities of the secretariat. We wish him God's blessings.


May the Peace of

Christ continue to

disturb us!